Non-equilibrium Dynamics

Phonon-induced disorder in dynamics of optically pumped metals from non-linear electron-phonon coupling

Rydberg impurity in a Fermi gas: Quantum statistics and rotational blockade

Rydberg Fermi polaron? We show that an atom excited to a Rydberg state in an atomic Fermi gas realizes an exotic state, dubbed Rydberg Fermi superpolaron, in which the Rydberg atom encircles the background atoms in the space between its nucleus and it Rydberg electron, and the Pauli principle manifests as a rotional blockade to excitations. See for more information about Rydberg polarons.

Possible many-body localization in a long-lived finite-temperature ultracold quasineutral molecular plasma

Quantum mechanics freezes a hot plasma: We show that Rydberg molecules in a quenched molecular plasma interfere to form a stable long-lived localized state. Randomness in the Rydberg plasma acts decisively to freeze the dynamics of Rydberg excitations in a process suggestive of many-body localization, explaining recent experimental observations.

Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics

Using field theoretic and numerical approaches, I investigate the non-equilibrium and time-resolved spectroscopy of large, complex systems, including correlated electron-phonon solids, Rydberg gases, disordered systems and optically pumped condensed-phase platforms. This program aims to reveal critical information about the excited-state structure and out-of-equilibrium transient behavior in experiment.